About Me

As an instructional designer, I embrace the hands-on nature of my work. 

I don't mind getting my hands dirty!

As an instructional designer, I specialize in creating impactful learning experiences through various methods such as instructor-led training, virtual instructor-led training (VILT), and eLearning programs. Grounded in adult learning theories and learner-centric design principles, I am dedicated to developing engaging and effective instructional solutions.

Understanding the needs of learners and aligning learning objectives with their goals is at the core of my instructional design approach. By leveraging blended learning strategies that combine traditional and digital methods, I ensure a comprehensive and holistic learning experience.

My primary focus is on facilitating behavior change through effective instructional design. I design learning experiences that not only impart knowledge but also inspire learners to apply what they've learned in practical settings. By incorporating well-crafted learning objectives, I create measurable outcomes that support skill development and drive performance improvement.

Remaining current with the latest trends and technologies in instructional design is vital to my work. I strive to create innovative and interactive learning solutions that maximize learner engagement and enhance knowledge retention.

Just as a garden thrives with care and attention, I believe in nurturing the growth of learners by providing collaborative and supportive environments. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors of flowers and the serenity of sunsets, I bring a creative and imaginative touch to my instructional design work. I believe that learning should be captivating, immersive, and spark curiosity.

Continual improvement and innovation are essential in instructional design, much like a garden that evolves over time. I stay abreast of the latest instructional design methodologies, technologies, and best practices to ensure that my work is cutting-edge and aligned with industry standards.

Let's embark on a collaborative journey together, blending the art of instructional design with the joy of nurturing growth. Together, we can create transformative learning experiences that blossom and thrive, cultivating success and empowering learners to reach their full potential.

My Design Process


The Seedling Stage:

During the kickoff meeting, I plant the seed of understanding by identifying an issue and its impact on the business. Just like carefully tending to flowers, I analyze the situation and envision the desired outcome. This stage may also involve an official or unofficial Needs Analysis, much like preparing the soil for optimal growth.

In this nurturing environment, collaboration takes root, bringing together all stakeholders. Just as gardening is a collaborative effort involving various experts, I value the input and expertise of each stakeholder. Together, we cultivate a shared understanding and lay the groundwork for a successful design process.


Nurturing Growth:

As an instructional designer, my role parallels tending to a garden. I transform kick-off meeting findings into well-documented designs, much like preparing fertile soil. I immerse myself in learners' needs, collaborating with experts and stakeholders. Like a gardener carefully nurturing plants, I design learning experiences that support learners.

My unwavering commitment, akin to a gardener's dedication, ensures success. From ideation to execution, I apply passion and expertise to create fruitful learning materials. Ongoing check-ins and collaboration with experts and stakeholders continue to refine and enhance the educational content.


Digging into Creation Time!

Once the detailed storyboard reflects the desired vision, it's time to transform those ideas into tangible learning experiences.

With a versatile range of technology platforms at my disposal, including Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Camtasia, Vyond, vILT/ILT, and my personal favorite: a combination of these tools, the development work commences. This is where I dig deep and bring the concepts to life.

Throughout this process, there are iterative rounds of feedback and adjustments in collaboration with SMEs to ensure the learning experience meets the desired objectives.

Finally, as the project takes shape, it reaches its completion and is seamlessly integrated into an LMS or expertly facilitated to provide learners with an engaging and effective educational journey.


The Planting Stage:

In the Implement phase, I transition from the design and development stages to the planting stage. Just as a gardener carefully places each seedling into the prepared soil, I roll out our learning solution to the target audience. This phase is all about putting the carefully crafted plan into action and ensuring that it takes root effectively.

Much like a garden requires ongoing care and attention, I provide support and guidance to learners, trainers, and facilitators during the implementation process. I monitor progress, address any issues that may arise, and ensure that the learning experience is taking shape as envisioned.


The Harvest Stage:

In the Evaluate phase, I transition from the planting stage to the harvest stage. Just as a gardener assesses the garden's growth, yield, and overall health, I collect data and feedback to measure the effectiveness of our learning solution. This stage involves gathering information on learner performance, engagement, and the achievement of learning objectives.

Just as a garden's harvest is a culmination of the season's efforts, my evaluation process allows the client to reap the benefits of my instructional design work. I analyze the data and feedback to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of the learning solution and identify areas for improvement.

Throughout this entire process, from planting to harvesting, I strive to nurture growth, make adjustments as needed, and ensure that the learning experience flourishes, much like a well-tended garden that yields a bountiful harvest.

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