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Articulate Rise & Articulate Storyline 360

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Articulate Rise

Best Practices for a Safe Workday In the Field

Tools Used:  Articulate Rise, Canva, & Pexels

Audience:  Field Sales employees of X Pharmaceuticals

Objective:  The objective of this eLearning course is to prioritize the safety of X Pharmaceuticals' field-based employees during their daily work tasks. It is crucial for X Pharmaceuticals to maintain the well-being of their field-based staff. The primary goal of this course is to enhance awareness among field sales employees and equip them with practical safety strategies, enabling them to have a secure work experience in the field. 

Special Features:  Interactive tabs, flip cards, accordion, knowledge check & an assessment

Articulate Storyline

How To Write a Successful Grant For Your Non-Profit Organization

Tools Used:  Articulate Storyline, Canva, Pexels, Well-Said Labs

Audience:  This eLearning course is designed for individuals in the community who are interested in learning how to effectively prepare a successful grant for their local non-profit organization. 

Objective:  The objective of X's company volunteer initiative is to empower community volunteers by providing them with a comprehensive guide on writing successful non-profit grants. By equipping volunteers with proven strategies and knowledge, this course aims to increase their confidence in crafting well-written grants that have a higher chance of being awarded, thereby tapping into the significant amount of unutilized grant money in the U.S. estimated at close to $230 million. 

Special Features:  Motion paths, name variables, branching scenarios, custom layers, custom button interactions, markers with audio, hotspots, knowledge checks, and an end of course assessment.

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